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What Does NGL Means and How to Use It?

Every minute the world changes, people in their youth are getting older and older. Each year, the people in the bracket of “youngsters” may change as well as the people sharing their youth shift. There are several reasons for the change of generation, and the new generation might include millenniums and gen-z. Due to the explosion of the internet, this generation will always be remembered as the one who shifted the most. During that pivotal moment in history, this generation was still in their pre-pubescent or teenage years when the web boomed and changed the whole world.

In short, this is the most impressionable age, and the way they talked, behaved and lived changed forever. Something that changed was the way they speak, this includes slang like ‘Lmao’, ‘LOL’, ‘TBH’, and ‘NGL. People tend to ask, “What does NGL means?” even though most of this slang is common and people understand its meaning.

What Does NGL Means?

That’s correct, if you have wondered about how can one use NGL and more importantly, what does it mean, then this is the right place for you. 

  • NGL is a simple slang short form for ‘Not gonna lie.’ This is used mostly on the internet among teenagers and young adults to convey that they are going to say something honestly. 

Also, if you are wondering about NGL and its uses, then it is simple. You just have to use it when you are going to say something honestly, or it can also be used to show vulnerability. It is not only during the time of showing honestly, it does not have to be literal. Just use it thinking about how you would use it while speaking English, however, use the short form.


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